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The Sacred Valley of Peru

After many days of travel I've made it to the Sacred Valley, Peru. I'm staying at Sach'a Munay, a healing and yogic retreat center. I've met so many authentic, high performance people here. Its a mecca for people doing the kind of self-work that builds the most incredible, influential individuals around.

I met an awesome dog who has been following me around since I arrived. He's very special and they say nobody owns him, he just belongs at the retreat center as one of the community.

The clouds here are immense and beautiful, we are essentially at 13,000 ft where they form. Cumulonimbi seem to sit where fog layers normally would, a few hundred feet off the ground, billowing up thousands of feet above.

When walking in the forests at dawn, I couldn't help but notice the striking similarity of the flora and my childhood backyard. The ground, littered with fragrant eucalyptus, and the nearby flowing streams of freshwater, mimicked an artificial riverbed my dad built behind our house. I spent hundreds of hours playing in the rushing water, building boats out of eucalyptus leaves and examining the pond water with a microscope. This place feels like home.

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Photography by Benjamin Sumner Franke

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