1. An activity that is nourishing to the soul; particularly fulfilling work or other activity

  2. Something that shapes and modifies one's soul or core being

  3. (My own interpretation) The body or vessel within which the soul travels and expresses itself during its journey through life

       The human figure is often said to be the most complex and challenging form studied by visual artists. The figure is essentially an extraordinarily complex system of forms that can be subdivided into smaller and smaller forms. Each of these has a nearly infinite potential of variation but the fundamental structure is the same from person to person. Within each of these forms is another focus of observation and understanding. 

        Studying the human figure as a traditional artist is an undertaking that lasts for many years. During my practice, I came to the sudden realization and eventual conclusion that the feminine figure is perhaps one of the highest forms of natural art. In regards to the mastery of visual arts, the likeness of the feminine is quite a challenge. Consider the fact that there’s an unmatched subtlety to the feminine that emphasizes and celebrates a certain visual math. Flowing curves and delicate angles that seem to whisper the silent names of the elements. The same subtleties are found in the intricate forms of nature, and likewise, in the dissonance of jagged and complex textures. When juxtaposed, these harmonies and contrasts celebrate the human form. Within the movements of the muse, a dance of mind and body, a glimpse of the soul. 

         This is a continuation of my soulcraft through a new medium, photography. Thank you for sharing the view. 

-Benjamin Sumner Franke

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 Group Exhibitions: 


  • Solo, Valid World Hall - Barcelona, Spain - 1/25-27/2019

  • Minimalism, MIA Photo Fair - Milan, Italy - 3/21/2019

  • Beautiful Imperfections, Hinterlands Gallery - Vienna, Austria - 3/28/2019

  • Centered, BBA Gallery - Berlin, Germany - 4/18-20/2019

  • Monochrome, Ravnikar Gallery - Ljubljana, Slovenia - 5/10-12/2019

  • Mostly Black, BBA Gallery - Berlin, Germany - 5/30-6/1/2019 

  • Powerful Compositions, BBA Gallery - Berlin, Germany - 7/19-21/2019

  • Beautiful Imperfections, Qlick Gallery - Amsterdam, Netherlands - 7/26-28/2019

  • Street Photography, Photosynthesis Gallery - Sophia, Bulgaria - 8/1-3/2019

  • My Favorite Shot, BBA Gallery- Berlin, Germany - 9/6-8/2019

  • Solo, Ravnikar Gallery - Ljubljana, Slovenia - 9/27-29/2019

  • Ritual, Haven Gallery - Northport, New York - 12/14/2019-1/12/2020

  • 2019 Exhibition - Contemporary Art Gallery Online - 12/31/2019-1/31/2020

  • 2020 Philippines LomoWall Exhibition, Baluartillo de San Francisco Javier, Fort Santiago, Intramuros - January 2020

  • My Favorite Shot, Ravnikar Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia - 1/9-1/11/2020

  • Storytelling, Hinterland Galerie - Vienna, Austria - 1/23-25/2020

  • Minimalism, Valid World Hall - Barcelona, Spain - 2/14-16/2020

  • Photographer Of The Year, Espaço Espelho d'Água - Lisbon, Portugal - 2/21-2/23/2020

  • The Beauty of Earth, Blank Wall Gallery - Athens, Greece - 2/28-3/1/2020

  • Creative Composition, Espaço Espelho d'Água - Lisbon, Portugal - 2/21-23/2020

  • The Art of B&W, MIA Photo Fair - Milan, Italy - 3/19-22/2020 (POSTPONED)

  • My Exhibition Shot, Laurent Gallery - Melbourne, Australia - 4/9-11/2020

  • Nature Photography, Blank Wall Gallery - Athens, Greece - 5/15-17/2020

  • Art of Black and White, BBA Gallery - Berlin, Germany - 6/5-7/2020

  • Minimalism, LACP - Los Angeles, California - 6/26-28/2020

  • Our Amazing Planet, LACP - Los Angeles, California - 6/26-28/2020

  • Art of Storytelling, BBA Gallery - Berlin, Germany - 7/17-19/2020

  • Nature Photographer of the Year, The Space, Vancouver, Canada - 8/7-9/2020

  • Solo, Brick Lane Gallery - Brick Lane, London - 8/18-24/2020

  • People and Places, Studio Galerie B&B - Paris, France - 9/17-19/2020

  • Favorite Shot, Blank Wall Gallery - Athens, Greece - 9/25-9/27/2020

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Photography by Benjamin Sumner Franke