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Adventure, friends, guidance...

I was selected as the winner of a contest to go on an adventure and shoot my niche of photography in the harsh alien landscapes of Utah. When I arrived, I felt so welcomed and connected to everyone there. And I was so sought after by the group that I literally had to rotate between cars because everyone wanted time with me during the drives. It was so strange and beautiful to be loved and accepted so much by strangers. Much like Peru, I love that dynamic about meeting people while everyone is out of their element and in a new space. It lets everyone free parts of themselves up and gives the opportunity to be your best regardless of your past. I need to figure out how to do this more because I’m fucking LIT up on these journeys. My heart always feels like I’m high on cacao and I often can’t stop grinning because I just love the experience and everyone so much.

Anyways, one of the models and organizers for the trip explained that she had selected my work from all the artists who had submitted because she felt it stood far far above the others and she wanted to work with me. We shot together a lot over the week and I enjoyed how focused and enthusiastic she was about my direction. After the tour when I got home she started talking to me online and revealed that she’s very much magnetized to me in nearly every way. We’re planning to travel together to “shoot a series” but I have a feeling we'll be developing a much deeper friendship ~ we just vibe really well and she’s so enthusiastic about our interactions. We shall see what unfolds.

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Photography by Benjamin Sumner Franke

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