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My travel partner and I arrived in Mývatn at around 11pm after a full day of driving and shooting photos on our way out of Akureyri. The Moon sat on the horizon, mirroring the Sun on the other side.

The second day of Summer.

Here, in Iceland, the sun doesn't set this time of the year. Daylight seems to play tricks on you, distorting time and beckoning you onward without sleep. The light is held in a perpetual dusk or dawn, the sunset lasts hours and the Sun simply refuses to dip below the horizon.

Tonight the sky was dappled with strange round clouds that caught the midnight dusk light in beautiful gradients of purples and pinks.

It was a living dream.

We visited many sites, probably until around 4 AM. Only stopping because we were absolutely exhausted. The hostel is always a welcoming end to a day with no end.

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Photography by Benjamin Sumner Franke

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